Axton Fleisch


The Fleisch family is one of the most prominent ranching families on Britannia. Specializing in raising and providing some of the finest domesticated Taurus, their cattle has been recognized of having some of the finest meat of any domesticated Pokemon. The family is very prideful of their talents as well as very adamant to sticking with traditions.

It is customary for the first son to become a tamer in order to go out and scout for stronger Taurus to find and add to the stable. The onus of becoming the head of the household fell on the second eldest son. The family also abides by the ancient ceremony of sacrificing three of the best Taurus from the herd to the Normal God at the beginning of every new year. If the god accepts the sacrifice, the family believes it would have an extraordinary livestock for that year. If not, the family will not release any livestock to the public, as the Taurus that year have been deemed substandard.

Axton was born as the second oldest son to Gregory and Martha Fleisch. On his fifth birthday, his older brother, Jeremiah, now 13, went off to find a Taurus that would be worthy of the family’s famed stables. At the age of seven, word came that Jeremiah perished in a landslide, as he was trying to cross a mountain to get to a fabled Taurus grazing area. This was the beginning of the family’s bad luck. A few months after Jeremiah’s apparent death, Josephine, the family’s eldest daughter at 17 years old, ran off to find fame and glory. The family also found most of their sacrifices being rejected by the normal god, and were not able to produce any livestock for the public or royalty for 3 years.

On Axton’s tenth birthday, he was given the task of raising the next three sacrificial calves. Growing fond of the three calves, he found it difficult to let them go. On the day of the sacrifice, he sneaked away at night to witness the brutal slaughter of his calves at the hands of the god. Watching the things he loved get slaughter caused a traumatic reaction, causing him to fall from the tree branch he had been perched on. The result of the fall caused him to fall into a coma for a week.

During the coma, he had a fever dream in which he relived the night of the sacrifice. And each time, he noticed he had a rock in his hand. After the sixth time of the same dream he realized the rock was really a pokeball. On instinct, he threw it at the god Pokemon, catching it. Upon this vision, he woke up. Taking it as a sign, he understood his mission. To avenge his calves and to become a god by capturing the beast that was so revered.

For the next two years, Axton scrounged up enough money to gather gear and some pokeballs for his journey. He determined that the only way he would be able to capture the god Pokemon is if he as able to become a Pokemon champion. Then he would be only a step away from becoming a god. Bidding goodbye to his little brother, Sirius, and sister, Cassandra, he left on his journey. As he wandered into the forest on the edge of the ranch, he heard some rustling in a bush nearby. Investigating it further revealed to him a Togepi. Without hesitation, he threw one of his newly gained pokeballs and captured his first team member.

Hearing about a new Pokemon festival, he began to travel to the festival island in hopes of meeting new trainers and challengers to battle and begin to build his reputation. In his mind, it would only be a matter of time before he held the power of a god…

Axton Fleisch

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