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Welcome to Astryle region

Unlike most roleplaying games this one has some special features with your character points. First is the Gear Money the basic items listed here are items you will be able to find only in the Pokemarts.

Take a look at the Character Creation Rules we will be using a modified version of the PDQ and PDQ# systems known as Pokemon+ .

Pokedex, this will be updated as the group encounters different Pokemon. This will not have any game mechanics in it. This will just list the different Pokemon you have seen and a few things about them.

Gear section lists many of different types of gear that can be purchased. This will be updated as you go along indicating Items that are available in the area that the characters are currently in.

[[Pokemon+]] this is the rule set for the game. Do not copy or attempt to sell this, these are house rules based on two systems.


Map Key:

Red Marker: is the Kingdoms Capital City it will list the name of the Kingdom on the Marker and have the city name in the description as well as major parts of the city.

Yellow Marker: These represent the Port Cities they will list major parts of the port.

Purple Marker: This represents the cities and will list all major info about a city.

Green Marker: Metropolitan Cities these cities are comprised of multiple cities.

Main Page

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