Your character’s Skills represent his or her extensive training and experience in a particular field. Skill Points, not Character Points, are used to acquire them.


SKILL LEVEL 1 Well-Trained has some training and practice with the Skill
SKILL LEVEL 2 Scholar moderate training and practice with the Skill
SKILL LEVEL 3 Expert significant training and practice with the Skill
SKILL LEVEL 4 Veteran comprehensive training and practice with the Skill
SKILL LEVEL 5 World Leader rigorous training and practice with the Skill
SKILL LEVEL 6 Master Apprentice extensive training and practice with the Skill


General and Combat Skills have a number of associated Specializations, which describe the different ways that the Skill may be used. For example, Gun Combat is divided into Auto-fire, Pistol, and Rifle. When you assign a Skill to your character, choose one of the listed Specialization or create a new Specialization with GM approval. Your character will be significantly better in the chosen Specialization than he or she will be in the other aspects of the Skill. A Specialization is usually recorded in parentheses after the Skill, for example,
“Gun Combat (Pistol) Level 3.” Instead of improving a Skill by one Level, it is possible to take an extra Specialization. Each extra Specialization costs only one Skill Point regardless of
the Point cost of the Skill. If your character has Skill Points to spare, however, you may find it more advantageous to add an extra Skill Level rather than take many extra Specializations.

Acrobatics 3
Architecture 2
Area Knowledge 5
Artisan 4
Biological Sciences 3
Boating 2
Burglary 3
Climbing 2
Computers 3
Controlled Breathing 2
Cultural Arts 3
Demolitions 3
Disguise 3
Domestic Arts 1
Driving 2
Electronics 3
Etiquette 2
Foreign Culture 3
Forgery 2
Gaming 2
Interrogation 4
Intimidation 4
Languages 3
Law 3
Management Administration 1
Mechanics 2
Medical 4
Military Sciences 2
Navigation 3
Occult 4
Performing Arts 3
Physical Sciences 4
Piloting 2
Pokemon Training 1
Poisons 5
Police Sciences 3
Power Usage 6
Power Lifting 2
Riding 2
Seduction 4
Sleight of Hand 4
Social Sciences 3
Sports 3
Stealth 5
Street Sense 4
Swimming 2
Urban Tracking 4
Visual Arts 3
Wilderness Survival 2
Wilderness Tracking 2
Writing 2


Archery 5
Gun Combat 5
Melee Attack 6
Melee Defense 6
Ranged Defense 6
Special Ranged Attack 6
Thrown Weapons 5
Unarmed Attack 6
Unarmed Defense 6


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