Welcome to the Astryle Region Young Trainers!

In 2003 The Astryle region has finally begun picking back up from a financial windfall. many of the kingdoms allow themselves to move forward with science and forsake many of their old ways. Unlike many other regions this deterred people from continuing to train Pokémon. Many youth who had already spent time as a Pokémon trainer had given up their dreams. Training Pokémon had become a thing of the past. Only those in the knighthood religious orders and a scarce few who use the Pokémon and construction or other manual labor jobs continued to train Pokémon. They did not however use the Pokémon battle. All Pokémon training gyms were converted into refuge centers and adoption compounds for discarded and abandoned Pokémon.

The year is now 2013 the Astryle region has begun promoting Pokémon training again. Next month instead of having a harvest festival one kingdom is going to be having a new Pokémon trainer festival. This festival will have multiple contest for contest trainers, as well as amazing battles for other types of trainers, as well as food, fun and a carnival.

Are you ready to join the ranks? Are you willing to be one of the newest trainers? Most trainers that you will face against her will be at least 10 to 12 years older than you. Are you ready for the dark dangers of the paths that you have traveled in many years? Are you ready for the knight order that has already vowed to defeat any and all new trainers? Do you believe that you can take on the God Pokémon? If so than welcome to the Astryle region.

Please read through the Table Rules before coming to the table. If you have any objections to these please let me know before the first game or character creation session.

If you want to get to the Character Creation Rules, Pokedex and Gear you can click on those links or head over to the Wiki Tab.

Pokemon - Astryle Region

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