Character Creation Rules

First choose your Region Born. You can choose any of the known regions or create a new one with permission of the GM. This quality is your way or showing that you have the basics from here.

Choose your Island Born or From or if from another region choose your city you are Born or From. this quality is your

Then you may also purchase your Personality remember to keep your favorite Pokemon Type in mind also.

Third you will decide how many points for your Stats, Skills and Attributes. See the character creation session.

Fourth your character will purchase starting gear. This gear will be purchased with your character points so leave some of these. Your Gear is everything from pokeballs to pokedexes to potions and paralyze heal. After character creation you will earn Character XP, Poke XP and Gear XP which can be used to upgrade each of those. (All pokemon will be handled by me the GM)

Fifth round out your characters identity.

Character Creation Rules

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