Stats (or Statistics) are numerical assignments that reflect your character’s
basic capabilities. Higher Stat values indicate an advanced level of accomplishment
or achievement. Dreaming Cities uses three Stats to represent your character’s
abilities: Body, Mind, and Soul.


This Stat measures the physical aspects of your character. This includes overall
health, strength, endurance, quickness, rate of healing, manual dexterity, and ability
to withstand trauma. A character with a high Body is in good physical shape.


The Mind Stat represents a character’s mental abilities. High values indicate
intelligent, witty, and quick-learning characters.


The Soul Stat represents luck, willpower, determination, and spirit and can
sometimes represent psychic ability, empathy, and unity with nature. A high rating
in the Soul Stat helps a character focus his or her personal energies or life force to
go beyond his or her normal limits and to fuel special abilities.


1 Inept; infant
2 Significantly below adult human average; child
3 Below adult human average; teenager
4 Adult human average
5 Above adult human average
6 Significantly above human average
7 Highly capable
8 Extremely capable
9 Best in the region (Rare)
10 Best in the country (Very Rare)
11 World-class ability (Unlikely)
12 Maximum human potential (Impossible)

Below is a list of


With only three Stats, the Pokemon Tri-Stat game system is obviously slanted
towards well-rounded, balanced characters. But what if your character is weak in
a particular area of a Stat? For example, your character might be strong, healthy,
and durable, but not dextrous. Similarly, he or she could be intelligent and witty,
but forgetful, or strong-willed and composed, but unlucky. On page 66, you will
find the Less Capable [Stat] Defect, which was designed specifically to further
divide the Stats. Although you do not normally assign Defects until Step 6, become
familiar with Less Capable [Stat] at this point if you need to define your character
with more precision.


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