Table Rules

Table Rules

These rules are in place to coincide for the way that I run games. These are not meant to take away from the game but to add to them. I have found that I lose interest in running a game when these are not followed which means the campaign ends early or I have to ask players to leave the group to continue the fun for the other players.

1. Read all campaign materials thoroughly, I do not mind questions but before emailing any or posting in the forum please check these rules or the wiki pages first.

2. Play at the strengths of each players characters abilities and skills. Do not allow spite or ill favor carry over into the game and cause other players characters to become injured.

3. Please refer any questions that you have regarding overall game, system, or campaign questions to the Obsidian Portal forum.

4. I prefer and adhere to an older standard of Game Mastering, as Pat my Mentor GM once said “I just use the rules I like and ignore the ones I do not, My Game My Rules.” Now this is not to say that I don’t appreciate advice or assistance but it needs to be before or after a session or in a private email. I create an environment to play and allow your minds to become one with the story. No having people argue about a rule or take away from your gaming time. When a player just wants to argue a rule they are not being your friend they are hindering the game and can ruin a session or campaign.

5. If needed you can complain pre-session or post-session with anything that you felt was incorrect, off or wrong. You can also email or post to the forum. Located here

6. Try to keep the humor in game or in character, nothing ruins a session, campaign or role play moment more than someone making out of game jokes. This is also a quirk for me as it takes away from my enjoyment of running a game and will take away from the information you can gain in the game or ruin a possible advantageous moment in the game.

7. Another quirk is people talking at the table while I am running the game. This causes meta-gaming situations and also causes distractions for those that are in the middle of something. Anything you say at the table will be considered in character unless you otherwise make that known. If you are constantly interrupting or bothering others who are not currently involved you may be asked to leave for the night or to not come again for the duration of the campaign.

8. No active electronics allowed. If you do not want to leave your DS, Vita, Laptop, or Tablet in the car that is fine. However, leave them off, closed and out of sight. Please put your cellphone on vibrate. All of these things can be distracting, if you wish to have these things out you will be asked to not return to the table after that session. This can be distracting to everyone especially if you have sound playing at an inappropriate time. If you need to text or make a phone call please excuse yourself from the table and take it in another room or outside.

Table Rules

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